Tech Tips

LOC OutdoorZ will post some helpful tips on our products and items in general on this page.

Sling-LOC Knobs
We have had a few customers contact us about an occasional missing adjustment knob on their bow sling.
Here are some helpful tips:

  • Make sure to fully engage the knob to the body and tighten down securely.
  • Put a strike of bow string wax on the threads to keeps things even tighter!

General Tips

  • Wax on the threads of field points and any screw keeps things on your bow from rattling loose.
  • Put shaving cream on your binocular lens or scopes to keep them from fogging up…it really works!
  • Long distance shooting improves your accuracy at hunting distances (30 yards and under).
  • Wax your strings and cables often – this prevents them from drying out and replacing them all the time.
  • Use rail lube for your crossbow flight rail. Keeping it lubed increases the life of your new center serving.
  • Don’t overheat and sweat when walking to your stand — carry your clothes in and dress 100 yards away.
  • Keep practice sessions short — fatigue destroys your form.
  • Don’t get all caught up in the straightness of arrows – the difference from .001 to .006 is the thickness of 1-1/2 human hairs.
  • Check your D-Loop from time to time — No need for a fat lip or a lost arrow when it lets go.
  • Remove your arrows from your quiver at the end of hunting season — it stretches out the rubber holders and causes then to slip.
  • Always wear a safety harness when you hunt….it’s cheap insurance!