MAP Price Policy

Minimum Advertising Policy
LOC OutdoorZ, a division of Jeeb, INC.

LOC OutdoorZ has determined in order to consistently communicate and demonstrate the overall value of its products in the marketplace and to support authorized re-sellers of our products along with providing its customers with world class customer service at the time of purchase and there afterwards. LOC OutdoorZ must exercise a larger degree of the control on pricing and services of its products.

Re-sellers of LOC OutdoorZ products are free to establish their own pricing on these products. With this being established, if LOC OutdoorZ determines to its satisfaction that LOC OutdoorZ products are being offered for purchase and are listed below set minimum advertised retail prices (MAP) set forth by LOC OutdoorZ, then said re-seller is in violation of this MAP pricing policy. The MSRP and MAP pricing information can be obtained from LOC OutdoorZ by contacting them at 574-538-9779

This policy applies to all and any form of advertising of LOC OutdoorZ products through any medium. Authorized re-sellers or extend re-sellers including, but not limited to print (physical or digital), all on-line web pages, web site (club) checkout areas, mail-order catalogs, and any/all email advertising or solicitations.

All discontinued items are null and void of this policy.

Private branding services provided by LOC OutdoorZ will not be subject to this policy. Authorized re-sellers of these products are independent, and within their rights to set forth their own pricing schedule.

LOC OutdoorZ maintains the right to revoke or suspend this policy at any given time, within a specific time frame when it feels the policy in not applicable. The minimum advertised price of one or all items may be modified by the company at any time, to prevailing market conditions as it deems necessary.

LOC OutdoorZ reserves the right to investigate if said minimum advertising pricing is being violated by any re-seller (direct or indirect) of its products through any channel of distribution. Upon its satisfaction, if re-seller is in violation of minimum advertised pricing, LOC OutdoorZ reserves the right to take any action to any re-seller that is found to be in violation of said policy. This will include the right to cancel all new orders and refusal to accept future orders until pricing is back in line with said minimum advertised price.

All and any re-sellers are free to evaluate whether or not to follow said policy. LOC OutdoorZ will not discuss or entertain any conversation on the modification or alteration of said policy for any re-seller of it products or services.

Nothing in this policy shall constitute a contract or agreement with LOC OutdoorZ and any re-seller that will not comply with said policy.

No member of LOC OutdoorZ team is authorized to modify, adjust or grant any and all exclusions to this policy. Any or all questions of the minimum advertised policy should be directed to company president Bob Jacobs, at 574-538-9779